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Glen Mills is a historical town with lots of greenery. It is home to a few golf courses and some top notch school districts. The town is a great place to live and that is why we have extended our nail salons to this area. Whether it is events, a relaxing day, touch ups or bonding, we are the nail salon for you. We provide a number of services including manicures, pedicures, waxing and more. Call us to ask about our services!


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Manicures are performed by filing and shaping the nail to your preference, along with pushing and clipping the dead cuticle, prior to applying base coat, nail color and topcoat. In addition to a hand massage, you will receive a mini neck massage.

Pedicures are performed by soaking, washing and gently scrubbing the soles of your feet along with shaping and cutting the toenails and cuticles, as needed. Massage cream is applied on your feet and legs, which is followed by a hot stone massage and wrapping in warm towels before polishing. You will also receive a neck massage while your toenails are drying. Important Notice: As a safety precaution, we highly recommend that you refrain from shaving your legs the day of your pedicure. Shaving can create micro nicks on your skin which create an opening for bacteria - safety first!

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Prolong youth by regularly attending our cosmetologists. Treat yourself with professional facial using the best cosmetics.  

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Waxing of facial and body hair is available and can be customized to your own particular needs. Before your wax, we recommended to shower before your appointment. If the hair is very long you may want to consider trimming. However, make sure not to cut the hair too short as there must be something for the wax to grab on to. Common types of wax: Eyebrow wax, lip wx, chin wax, whole face wax, under arm wax, arm wax, leg wax, stomach or back wax, biki wax, and Brazilian wax.

Nail salon near Glen Mills, PA

We provide a variety of services to ensure your nails are taken care of and fit your natural style. There are a couple different ways your colors can be applied such as dip powder, acrylic, shellac gel, or polish. Polish is a great go to if you are looking to switch your nail color often as it is the shortest lasting. Dip powder lasts longer and is applied using a colored powdered and a special kind of glue that does not harm your nails. The acrylic nails can be just about any length of your choice and any style. Shellac gel is very popular and is applied just as regular nail polish is applied. Our manicures include skin care and massages because we care about you and want our salon to be the place you come to relax, call us today to pick out your color and style!

Leonardo DaVinci thought that one of the greatest inventions of all time was the foot. Our feet support us all day long throughout our busy days, exercising and they deserve a break! Bring your feet and a book to our salon and relax as we tend to their needs with one of our pedicures. We will soak your feet, apply relaxing skin care as we massage your hardworking feet. Our nail technicians always make sure to shape your toenails, trim them and clean hard to reach places. Each station is cleaned and sanitized before and after each use for your health. To finish your pedicure we will apply the color or design of your choice and dress up your toes!

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