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Nail Salon Services List

We take the time to train our technicians and provide quality salon products. We also pride ourselves in being able to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Finally, we autoclave our instruments to provide our patrons with the highest level of cleanliness. Together, these fundamentals lay a great foundation to be able to deliver the below services to you at a premium establishment and give you the final product you deserve! Final notes: As with any of our services, appointments are recommended, but not necessary. Please limit cell phone use while in our salons so all customers may have a relaxing experience. Additional massage of neck, back and legs are available by request to your technician for a small fee. Private parties are available upon request and may be subject to an additional charge.

  • picture of a woman getting her manicure


    Manicures are performed by filing and shaping the nail to your preference, along with pushing and clipping the dead cuticle, prior to applying base coat, nail color and topcoat. In addition to a hand massage, you will receive a mini neck massage.

  • Spa Manicure

    Spa Manicures

    Spa Manicures are performed by filing and shaping the nail to your preference, along with pushing and clipping the dead cuticle, prior to applying base coat, nail color and topcoat, while using an aromatic herbal scrub applied to your hands and massaged, along with a mini neck massage. We also offer an Organic Spa Manicure for an additional fee.

  • gel manicure

    Shellac Gel Manicures

    Shellac Gel Manicures is a durable, no chip solution to regular manicures and can assist in helping you grow your own nails. The gel is applied to natural nails and UV light activated to cure and dry your nail and could last up to two weeks. In addition, you will receive a mini neck massage.

  • dip powder manicure

    Dip Powder

    Dip Powder is a water resistant, no crack-no chip powder, which is applied to natural nails through a process of liquids, which dry almost immediately, without the need to cure under the UV light. This acrylic type product is Calcium & Vitamin E fortified.

  • acrylic nail manicure

    Acrylic Nails

    Acrylic Nails are a combination of powder and liquid applied to the nail and shaped, sized and painted to your satisfaction. Gel Polish or IBD clear gel topcoat, which prevents chipping, is available for an additional fee.

  • pink and white gel French manicure

    Pink & White Gel (French Manicure)

    Pink & White Gel is another "no chip" solution to beautiful nails. The French look nails are accomplished through applying a liquid gel or an acrylic powder, painted on your nail and sculptured to perfection. It is dried under a UV light and will last approximately three (3) or four (4) weeks, before requiring a refill. It is the perfect solution for beautiful, durable, chip-proof, waterproof and scratch resistant nails that are a pleasure to wear! At any time, you may also polish a regular nail color over the pink and white gel and remove with regular nail polish remover, without harming the gel underneath.

  • pedicure and massage


    Pedicures are performed by soaking, washing and gently scrubbing the soles of your feet along with shaping and cutting the toenails and cuticles, as needed. Massage cream is applied on your feet and legs, which is followed by a hot stone massage and wrapping in warm towels before polishing. You will also receive a neck massage while your toenails are drying. Important Notice: As a safety precaution, we highly recommend that you refrain from shaving your legs the day of your pedicure. Shaving can create micro nicks on your skin which create an opening for bacteria - safety first!

  • spa pedicure

    Spa Pedicures

    Spa Pedicures are performed as described in our regular pedicures, with the addition of aromatic herbal scrubs applied to your legs and extra massaging. In addition, you will receive a neck massage while you are drying your nails. Important Notice: As a safety precaution, we recommend you never shave your legs the day of your pedicure, as shaving can create micro nicks on your skin which can readily allow bacteria to enter. We also offer an Organic Spa Pedicure for an additional fee.

  • manicure and pedicure

    French Manicures and Pedicures

    French Manicures and Pedicures are available in regular, gel or dip, for an additional fee. Our process is the same as regular Mani-Pedi’s, except two (2) polishes are required, one (1) on the bed of the nail and typically white is at the tip, but today, many use other colors of their choice.

  • Nail Art of a butterfly

    Nail Art

    Nail art and various types of nail shapes are available upon request, sometimes at an additional fee.

  • Matching Manicure and Pedicure

    Mini Mani/Pedi

    Mini Mani/Pedi’s are a shorter version of the regular manicures and pedicures and includes filing and shaping the nail, cutting cuticle and polishing your nails.

  • Wax Service


    Waxing of facial and body hair is available and can be customized to your own particular needs. Before your wax, we recommended to shower before your appointment. If the hair is very long you may want to consider trimming. However, make sure not to cut the hair too short as there must be something for the wax to grab on to. Common types of wax: Eyebrow wax, lip wx, chin wax, whole face wax, under arm wax, arm wax, leg wax, stomach or back wax, biki wax, and Brazilian wax.

  • Temporary Eyelash Extension Strip

    Temporary Eyelashes

    Temporary eyelashes are clustered together on a strip to form over the entire eyelid or can be cut to fit your eye shape. They typically last one day. They are applied at the lash line with a temporary adhesive, which is not intended to be worn while swimming, sleeping or showering.

  • Individual eyelash extensions

    Individual Eyelash Extensions

    Individual Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent eyelash extensions lasting approximately two (2) weeks and will lengthen and volumize your own lashes.

  • Single Eyelash Extension

    Single Hair Extensions

    Single hair extensions are single strand mink hairs, which are curved and set in place to blend with your own lashes, providing length and thickness, creating volume and enhancing your own lashes, lasting during your own lashes’ growth cycle. Touch ups will be required approximately every two (2) to four (4) weeks, depending on your daily activities, as everyone is different. Your technician will also provide you with instructions on how to maintain and care for your new lashes to preserve that full lash look. Please note: This service requires an appointment.

  • Eyebrow Tinting

    Eyebrow Tinting

    Eyebrow tinting is yet another option to create a fuller look and enhance light colored brows. The tint is applied to your brows and should last between four (4) to six (6) weeks before gradually fading away. Other contributing factors to the length of time the tinting last are hair growth, swimming, sun exposure, products used to wash the face and how much you wash your face.

We purchase quality materials and maintain the highest cleanliness standards for our manicures, pedicures, gel nails, & more! Stop into one of our 12 locations for your next spa day!

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