What to expect at your first manicure?

The First Step
 We recommend calling ahead first to schedule an appointment, especially if you have a favorite nail technician, but this is not mandatory, and our salons are staffed to be able to quickly deliver services to walk-ins.

Upon Your Arrival

Once you arrive at our salons, one of our technicians will escort you to a fully equipped nail service station where we will remove your current nail polish. Once removed, we will shape and file your nails. You have some options when it comes to your nail shape. The most commonly requested nail tips are rounded and square tipped. Most of our technicians have performed hundreds to thousands so we do ask that you trust our technicians advise when it comes to your nail shape. Certain shapes are not recommended for individuals simply because some nails break much easier if they are not shaped properly for your nail type. A good rule of thumb is to follow the natural shape of your nail as this will usually provide the strongest shape for your nail.

Your Nail Cuticle
Your cuticle is the layer of thin clear skin located along the bottom edge of your finger or toe. As part of our services to you, we usually trim the cuticle and occasionally apply a cuticle cream and push your cuticles down. Trimming your cuticle is usually requested by our patrons since it makes their nails appear longer. For some individuals, cutting the cuticle too often can lead to improper cuticle growth which displays itself as a cuticle growing in with jagged edges. If this occurs, you can either ask your technician to shape your cuticle, trim it more, or leave it grow and skip this step in the process.

Soaking and Massaging Your Hand
Soaking is a very relaxing and soothing step in the process that our patrons frequently appreciate and enjoy. We start by massaging a single hand while letting the other hand soak. The hand that is soaked is often soaking in warm water that is treated with one of our herbal oils/materials/etc. We have meeting with our technicians to discuss reflexology techniques and teach various massage methods to completely relax your hands by hitting certain pressure points.

Coloring Your Nails
The time is here! You can now pick out your nail polish color. You’ll have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to picking out your nail polish color. Patrons often ask for recommendations for their nail color choice, and we are proud to assist as we boast a vast assortment of colors to choose from. If you are not sure if you want to color your nails, we highly recommend a French Manicure. French Manicures are designed to look natural, they are appropriate for social and business settings, and you’ll have a slight line of color at the tip of your nails that ranges from stark white to light pink. Afterwards, we apply a clear, glossy application to your nails which adds a hit of color making them look clean, vibrant, and fresh!
Some clients of ours go a step further and ask for an additional nail service – Nail Art. Nail art can tastefully add a small design on the nail for an additional charge. It is my hope that our technicians exceed your needs and provide you with a level a talent that will amaze you and help us maintain your business!
If you choose to not proceed with a French Manicure, your nail technician will still apply a clear base coat to your nails which aids in evening out imperfections. This is followed up by applying two coats of the color of your choice followed by a clear topcoat to further seal and protect the manicure.

Drying Your Nails
After we have polished your nails, you may put your hands under UV light depending on the nail treatment you requested. Regular manicures often require the UV light as this step aids in drying and hardening the nails. This step takes about five minutes. Afterwards, your nails are much harder and drier than they were before, but your nails are still fragile for a few hours after your appointment. Please plan on being as careful as possible with your nails for the next few hours following your appointment. We will gladly perform the quick fix your nails may require; however, it is a much better customer experience if you remain mindful and be as careful as possible with your nails. Having to return because your nails chipped in the first few hours is disheartening, and we try to avoid it at all costs so you have the most enjoyable experience possible!

NEW SERVICES: Nail Art and Gel Manicures
Nail Art
Since we opened our first salon, there are now many new nail services that we offer our clients as nail technology continues to advance! Nail art designs have emerged and are accompanied with elaborate nail art designs and other nail art embellishments. While many people try to do nail art on their own, if you want an extra special design or something more elaborate, I highly suggest going to a professional. We also recommend speaking with a manager over the phone to find the best technician especially if your design is highly complex. We have over ten salons and some of our technicians have done some incredible nail art designs including special holiday nails (such as Halloween or Christmas themed nail art designs). Another reason to choose a technician over a Do-It-Yourself options is to avoid the weak hand nail art – meaning, when you perform a nail art treatment on yourself, your dominant hand may do a spectacular job, but most do not get the same result with their weak hand as well.
Gel Manicures
Gel manicures are now extremely popular for their strength and durability. If performed by a trained technician, gel manicures can easily last two weeks without chipping. Gel manicures tend to be a bit pricier than a regular manicure, but for many our patrons they find the additional cost well worth it to make sure they get the best bang for their buck. Gel manicures truly are a good deal especially if you are planning on going on a two-week vacation and want a nail service that will provide your nails with the best deal that lasts.

The Final Step!
Payment! We accept all major credit cards as well as cash – cash is king! We also appreciate a standardized 15-20% tip for any beauty service, including manicure nail services. And don’t forget to schedule a follow up appointment! Thank you so much for choosing a Main Line Nails salon and we hope to see you soon!


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